Why Project Managers Need Scheduling Software

Construction Scheduling Software - Wojo
Construction Scheduling Software - Wojo

Project managers supervising construction projects often deal with the complexity of the business. With a lot of things involved – people, materials, equipment, activities, budgets and deadlines, it’s crucial to have an organized and well-planned schedule to manage an entire project.

Further, the construction industry covers all types of projects such as residential, commercial, engineering, renovation, heavy industry and more. If you’re a project manager or contractor who is heavily involved in construction-related activities, it’s smart for your business to invest in construction scheduling software.


What is construction scheduling software?

Construction scheduling software helps users, such as project managers, homebuilders, engineers and construction companies, in creating and managing construction schedules to execute tasks on time and within the budget. Additionally, project managers can define project phases and tasks in the software to help match the resources required for effective coordination.


Types and common features

Construction scheduling software can be a separate system or an integrated feature in scheduling software solutions. Project managers can choose from any of these types of scheduling software:


· Construction Management Software focuses on managing construction requirements, from planning and design to pre-and post-construction.

· Project Management Software is a general software with a variety of features that is flexible and customisable for different kinds of projects.

· Job Management Software is also a general software for scheduling different types of tasks. It can also be used for creating, viewing and tracking job assignments. It has simple features that are not ideal for complex construction projects.


When considering buying construction scheduling software, project managers should look for one that is user-friendly and can handle tasks. Moreover, identify the size of the construction projects you’re dealing with– you might need software that has multi-user functionality and other integrated solutions for accounting, inventory management and other project management solutions.


Here are some of the common features that should be on top of your list:

· Good user interface with easy navigation

· Customizable and easy-to-edit calendar, Ghantt charts and schedule templates

· Collaboration tool that is easily accessible by teams and external partners

· Auto-schedule adjustment

· Accessible via web and mobile with automatic notification

· File sharing and document management


Wojo is an interactive and collaborative management system that has all the features that you need to manage complex construction schedules while enjoying its full capacity to share files, manage important documents, track reports in real-time, safety management, timesheet compliance, and more.


Benefits of using construction scheduling software

· Centralised and automated Records kept in the construction scheduling software are centralised. Deploying schedules and tasks are automated, which can save time and avoid errors. All project-related activities affect the users’ schedules. Additionally, there is transparency and accountability in the workflow and progress of each team member.

· Improved resource scheduling Project managers will be able to track job updates, availability of personnel and equipment, as well as bottlenecks in the workflow.

· Efficiency in task completion Project deadlines are delivered on time when teams, equipment and resources are scheduled properly. Through construction schedule software, it’s possible for project managers to create a realistic and accurate plan.

· Data-driven decision-making Data-driven decisions prevent overspending and wasting of valuable resources. Project managers can rely on the information delivered in the construction schedule software because they are factual.


Wojo empowers businesses with an innovative and all-in-one management system to help transform business operations. With our simple yet powerful and user-friendly ecosystem, Wojo will help increase your business’s productivity and profit with solutions that save time and costs.

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