Gain accurate insights from our real-time reporting software.

Stay up to date on progress and reduce the chance of human error by creating, completing, and approving reports, both in the office and on the go.

Better communication.
Fewer mistakes.

Never miss another report.

Take the guesswork out of reporting with an airtight system that ensures compliance at every step.

Seamless sharing from site to office.

Boost accountability by assigning the right people to report on-site. Use a saved template or manually enter instructions to ensure nothing is missed and approve completed reports, fast.

Automate regular reports.

Streamline repetitive reporting tasks by scheduling them in advance.


Send live reminders.

Real-time reminders ensure your team knows exactly what needs to be done and when.

Thorough reports. Easy review.

With Wojo’s Photo/Draw/Record feature, you can attach audio recordings, written notes, mark-ups, and photos in a single file.

Intuitive and simple, for minimal training time.

User-friendly software and access to dedicated customer support mean teams pick up Wojo lightning fast.

Elevate the way you work.

Fast, easy onboarding.

Set up a new account and send new staff a link.

Connect from anywhere.

Stay on top of business from your phone, tablet, or desktop.

in one place.

Keep your team on the same page with everything you need on one screen. 


As part of business intelligence practices, real time reporting is the reporting and recording of the most current data available. The report includes historical data with up-to-the-minute information to monitor and identify trends, analyse reports and calculate numbers with efficiency.

  • Real time reporting software enables companies to share data and real time reports online in any location. Everyone in the team can monitor activities as it happens on the platform through a website or an app.

    Through real time reporting software such as Wojo, users can:


  • Create and receive reports with fewer human errors
  • Schedule reporting tasks to avoid repetitive data
  • Send real time reminders to keep everyone updated
  • Add and edit attachments such as audio recordings, PDFs, photos, notes and markups
  • In today’s fast-paced era, real time reports are critical in many businesses across all industries. Examples of industries, operations and services that use real time reports are: 

  • Marketing

    Marketers need relevant customer information and analysis to improve customer experiences throughout all available marketing touchpoints.

  • Logistics

    Real time data provided a better understanding of shipping trends and improvements in the supply chain.

  • Emergency services

    Powerful information sourced through traffic, weather and geospatial data help responders to make better decisions and efficient responses to emergencies and other events. 

  • Financial Trading

    Data-based decision-making is essential in financial operations. Accuracy in financial statements and real time data analysis inform financial teams of strategies for buying and selling information.



  • Businesses can leverage data through real time reporting. Data-based decisions provide a competitive advantage to boost the business. Organisations can maximise the benefits of data visualisation and accurate information.

    Real time reporting help: 


  • Reduce costs
  • Improve employee productivity 
  • Increase profitability
  • Track budgets
  • Minimise manual labour
  • Collaborate with ease


Managers must help employees understand how reporting is linked to results. Wojo has real time reporting features that allow users to consolidate all reports in a single and easily accessible platform. Here’s how employees can maximise real time reporting tool:

  • Use Data visualisation

    Individuals process information in many different ways. However, it’s a lot easier for the human brain to comprehend information through data visualisation.

  • Customised reports

    Every client or business that you cater to has different needs. A one-size-fits-all kind of reporting might not fully meet their expectations. Be flexible with your reporting and provide insights that suit or challenge their perspectives to arrive at the best decisions based on the data presented. 

  • Understand how real time reporting can improve your business

    Analysing historical data and real-time analytics can help your organisation test various business intelligence models and refine them quickly as you scale. Real time reports can also guide your business in managing and responding to changes and crises.


You absolutely can. The benefit of Wojo is that the software can be accessed on your phone, desktop, and even your tablet. So, check, edit, and tick off your interactive diary from wherever you are working.  

All data is conveniently and securely stored in the cloud. Wojo uses high levels of security to ensure all data is safe for your peace of mind. The benefits of this means that your data is stored and accessible forever. You won’t lose it, misplace it, or damage it. Its all available in Wojo.