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Document management refers to the system or process of capturing, storing, tracking, routing and retrieving electronic documents such as digitised or scanned paper files, word processing files, PDFs and digital images.

The entire lifecycle of the document, from its arrival to storage in the document management system (DMS), works through automation. Users are able to access the cloud-based DMS anywhere securely in a single unified platform to work on business-related documents. 

  • Document management is a big part of business process management, whether in a small business or a large enterprise. Here’s why a document management system is essential for every business:

√ It’s the single source of truth stored in a central location

√ Better document organisation

√ Data security and disaster recovery  

Manual methods in document management systems are time-consuming, and prone to human errors and physical damage, which exposes the organisation to financial and compliance risks.  In addition to the financial cost are the paper and cabinets that require significant physical space in the office.

Document management software, such as Wojo, advances document management through a digital environment.

√ It enables regulatory compliance through audits

√ It increases transparency and accountability across the organisation 

√ It’s efficient, intelligent and improves workflow

√ It’s secure and protects sensitive information 

√ It’s scalable and collaborative 

√ It increases productivity and improves client relations
√ It’s mobile-friendly and has third-party integration capabilities


Some of the key components of document management software is document importing and storage, metadata, indexing, and collaboration. 

Wojo, in particular, has all the advanced features a business needs for document management. As an all-in-one business management system, our multi-tool platform welcomes an unlimited number of users for stronger team collaborations. Our document management feature supports various file formats, permission and access control, storage, and shared services with your favourite app. 

  • Documents management, in its basic form, captures, stores and retrieves digital documents. However, there is a broad range of products that cater to the different needs of every business. Here are some of the common types of document management system:


  • Content Management System

    CMS is designed to organise, manage and deliver a range of media and content to web users who want to upload, download, share or publish online.

  • Records Management System

    This system is designed to manage business information and transactions such as invoices, budget documents, reports, etc. It is largely used by government agencies, and legal and healthcare industries.

  • Workflow Management System

    A workflow management system is used by companies who want to automate repetitive processes and enhance workflow.
    • Document management system enhances the project management and workflow of individual users and teams. Along with having a reliable document management software like Wojo, applying some of the best practices in document management empowers the business. Here are some helpful tips:

    • Avoid duplication
    • Develop key metrics
    • Define access limits
    • Share accountability
    • Take advantage of the cloud-based DMS and automation process