5 Reasons Why Small Businesses Should Use Project Management Software

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Software tools have become an important part of our daily activities, whether for personal or business purposes. Project management software, in particular, is a great software tool for keeping pretty much all business-related matters organised in one platform – from planning projects and allocating tasks to document management and real-time reporting

According to a global project management study by the Project Management Institute, 93% of organisations have standardised project management practices. However, only 58% fully understand the value of project management. Thus, on average, 50% of projects fail. 


Common industries that use project management software


No matter the size of your business, investing in project management software can help reduce risks, errors and expenses. Here are some of the industries that utilise project management software:

  • Construction
    The construction industry collaborates with many other businesses to supply them with the materials needed to build. Project managers often deal with the complex tasks of organising worker schedules, budget control and coordinating all engineers, architects and vendors. Without the right software tool to assist them with sorting out all the moving parts in the construction process, the project could take longer to complete and budgets could go overboard.
  • Education
    Many educational institutions have adopted project management software. According to them, they use the software to onboard teaching and non-teaching staff as well as new students. They also use project management software to monitor students’ progress and performance. Lastly, the communication gap between teachers and students is reduced.
  • Information Technology
    The IT industry is responsible for developing software, applications and other related technologies. Therefore, it’s mandatory that they use their own tech developments such as the project management software to apply it in their own project management practices.

Project management software for small businesses

Small businesses can benefit a lot from using project management software. It’s very helpful for emerging and existing businesses without a proper project management platform to adopt a system to monitor and manage their growth properly while scaling. As mentioned earlier, only 58% of companies fully recognise the value of project management despite the high rate of standardising the process. 

Championing the importance and value of project management can help employees proactively engage and take advantage of the convenience that project management software can bring to their workflow. This is by getting them a software tool that simplifies all administrative transactions and record-keeping in a single platform.

Wojo is a user-friendly and robust project management software that can help small businesses manage their daily tasks in a simplified way. Every tool is easy to navigate and use, reducing the time for onboarding so users can begin their actual tasks immediately.

Let’s look how what project management software can help small businesses: 

  1. It eliminates communication gaps
    A breakdown in communication can cause a lot of misunderstandings and delays in the workplace. Users from every department can interact with one another, edit documents and view projects in real-time.
  2. Resource management is improved
    Without a proper system to monitor project finances, resource management can go off track which could result in overspending. Project management software helps by organising and monitoring all financial factors from planning to final delivery.
  3. Easy team & project collaborations
    With a robust communication and project management platform in place, teams and project collaborations are enhanced. No one will be left behind when it comes to discussing timelines and project updates. Wojo automatically sends notifications and reminders to relevant teams whenever there are changes and progress in the system.
  4. Generate real-time reports anywhere
    Real-time reports provide managers and other parties involved in the project with valuable data that can help them with their decision-making. They can forecast timelines and budgets with the efficient reporting that project management software provides.

  5. Time management & scheduling are optimised.
    Project planning, scheduling, and delegation of tasks are automated in project management software. The software tool ensures that the entire administrative workflow is efficient so that teams can properly focus on more important assignments.

Wojo empowers businesses with an innovative and all-in-one management system to help transform business operations. With our simple yet powerful and user-friendly ecosystem, Wojo will help increase your business’s productivity and profit with solutions that save time and costs. 

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