Manage your workforce with our job scheduling software.

Manage your jobs, resources, and staff with tools that help you stay in control. 

It’s more than software.
It’s a way of working.

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Wojo allocates staff with the right skills, licenses, and qualifications for each project.

No more double bookings.

Know what resources you have, what you need, and when you need them. 

Every moving part, in one place.

See who’s confirmed, finished, or currently working a job, from a single source of truth. 

Less time planning.
More time doing.

Enhanced communication.

Your team gets live notifications of new assignments and changes to their schedule. 

More visibility. More stability.

Move forward with confidence knowing your bases are covered. 

Avoid future headaches.

Oversights are a thing of the past.
With Wojo you’ll plan better, twice as fast. 

Elevate the way you work.

Fast, easy onboarding.

Set up a new account and send new staff a link.

Connect from anywhere.

Stay on top of business from your phone, tablet, or PC. 

in one place.

Keep your team on the same page with everything you need on one screen. 


  • Job scheduling software or employee scheduling software is a workforce application software or program that helps build and manage employee work schedules, communication, and time tracking.

    It can be cloud-based or a local computer program. Cloud-based job scheduling software is an on-demand application that is accessible online and is constantly updated by the provider. 

Typically, it has multiple features and tools that manage schedules through automation. Or, it can be integrated into a single, unified platform for project management called a business management system.

  • Its primary feature is to automate the arrangement and allocation of schedules, tasks and resources. But, it’s also a powerful tool for collaboration. Its common functionalities are: 


  • Create, manage and create work schedules that employees can access through the desktop or any mobile devices. Scheduling can be arranged weekly, monthly, etc. including work hours and shifts of every employee.

  • Managers can automate the clock-in, clock-out and break schedules of employees in Timesheets. Read about our blog on why timesheet compliance is important for businesses

  • Arranging appointments and meetings are also part of the scheduling to manage employees, clients, and bookings better. 


  • In-app messaging is available to set professional boundaries for communication when managers, employees, departments and clients connect to discuss projects. 


Project managers identify 3 types of scheduling in every project. These are: 

  • Master schedule

    The master schedule, which all key stakeholders— project manager, project sponsor or client, and the team should have a copy of, contains the summary of the project, which contains the timeline and milestones.

  • Milestone schedule

    The milestone schedule tracks every major milestone and deliverable of the project. This determines whether the project’s goals and objectives were completed or achieved because it also serves as the basis to measure the KPI. 

  • Detailed schedule

    The detailed schedule is mainly for the project team who needs to know the exact details of every task and information about deadlines, deliverables and availability of resources. It monitors and tracks every project activity. 


  • Job scheduling software is an advantage for businesses, especially those with a project manager because it simplifies the complex task of managing schedules, increases flexibility in task management, and helps managers to understand their employees’ roles, availability and preferences.

    In addition, it can:


  • Improve schedule adherence and reduce employee turnover
  • Assign the best-fit employee for every shift
  • Minimise schedule errors because there is a real-time update in the calendar
  • Eliminate unplanned hours such as overtime and help allocate tasks from one team member to another who is available to complete the work.

  • Improve communication with the team because there is transparency
  • As a centralised business management platform, Wojo offers a robust integrated system that has multi-functional tools to manage schedules, timesheets, documents management, and compliance. We ensure that your hours will be spent on delivering projects because your schedules and appointments are organised smoothly through our scheduling tool. 


Recommendations take the skills that have been assigned to a team member’s profile and connects it to the requirements of the job you are creating. You can add licences, qualifications, and more to each team member profile. When creating a new job you can select which licences or qualifications are required. Wojo will then match this variety of requirements to team members and recommend them for the job. You will then be able to select from the list of recommendations.

All data is conveniently and securely stored in the cloud. Wojo uses high levels of security to ensure all data is safe for your peace of mind. The benefits of this means that your data is stored and accessible forever. You won’t lose it, misplace it, or damage it. Its all available in Wojo.