Payroll manager software, simplified.

Wojo Pay is an STP Phase-2 compliant, automated payroll system that’s saving businesses hundreds of hours on admin every year.  

Effortlessly control your payroll system with our powerful and secure automated payroll system.

Automatically calculate staff awards, rates, and hours.

With 73 pre-set awards and sophisticated software to handle complex calculations, you’ll be breezing through every pay run in no time. 

Enter Employee Agreements with your own payment rules.

With our simple payroll engine, you can apply customised rules for everything from ordinary hours, overtime, and EBAs.  

A reliable database for all your payroll data.

Our user-friendly dashboard displays accurate info directly from Wojo Timesheets and allows system-wide changes in just a few clicks, so you get the right numbers every time. 

The better way to pay.

Slash your admin time in half.

Ever imagined timesheets and payroll taking less than 1 hour per week? For a team of 30 staff, that’s exactly what life looks like with Wojo Pay. 

Say goodbye to payroll theft.

No more accidental overpayments. Wojo Pay automatically calculates overtime and pay rates to ensure you never over or underpay your staff.   

Integrate with your
favourite accounting software.

With integrations to MYOB, Quickbooks, Freshbooks, Zohobooks, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, Oracle Netsuite, Reckon, MSG, Pronto XI, and Xero accounting software, you can automate your process all the way from timesheet to payday.   

Wojo is 100% Single Touch Payroll (Phase 2) compliant.

We’re completely up to date with STP (Phase 2) requirements so you never have to worry about being at risk. We’ll send the appropriate information to the ATO and upload it into your accounting software for you.  

Elevate the way you work.

Fast, easy onboarding.

Set up a new account and send new staff a link. Done.

Connect from anywhere.

Stay on top of business from your phone, laptop, or desktop.

in one place.

Keep your team on the same page with everything you need on one screen.


Payroll Manager Software- the perfect tool to streamline and simplify all of your team’s payment processes! With this innovative software, you can easily input employee information, track work hours and ensure that everyone gets paid accurately. Say goodbye to tedious manual calculations – let technology take care of it instead!

  • Say goodbye to labour-intensive and error-prone processes because of payroll management software. Here are five essential features to look for in your payroll software:


  • Third-party integration

    An integrated payroll system allows third-party applications and programs to seamlessly connect with your payroll management platform. Wojo’s payroll system welcomes third-party software such as Xero, Quickbooks, Oral Netsuite and other software necessary for payroll to automate the data it needs to become more effective.

  • Scalable

    As your business grows, payroll should be adaptable and flexible whenever there are changes whether it’s up or down.

  • Payroll reporting

    The payroll reporting feature must be customisable to provide bespoke reports based on your client’s profile and needs. Payroll reports should include workers’ compensation, budget, taxes and other insights.

  • Compliance management

    Compliance is one of the most important responsibilities of every business. However, it is complex and always changing. Your organisation must always be up-to-date with all the relevant regulations and requirements to avoid violations and other costly penalties.

  • Time tracking

    Time tracking accurately records the time of hourly employees to ensure they’re getting the correct wages. You can read about How Time Tracking Enables Business Success in our blog. 
  • As a complex and critical operation, payroll management system helps with:
  • calculating wages, bonuses, and expenses through automation
  • generating payroll reports and employee payslips
  • keeping the business up-to-date with rules and regulations
  • managing global payroll

Monitoring employee time and attendance

Payroll professionals such as managers and HR use payroll software to organise and manage the entire process of payroll operations. From SMEs to global enterprises across all industries, payroll management ensures accuracy, on-time compensation and end-to-end payroll solutions when you partner with the best provider such as Wojo. 

  • Wojo is up-to-date with its compliance requirements especially when it comes to payroll solutions. As an all-in-one business management system, our platform is fast and easily navigable. Wojo’s payroll feature is secure, scalable and simple to use.


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