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Diary management is part of time management strategy that enables project managers to effectively organise projects, tasks, workflows, teams and deliverables. It’s an essential field service process that provides information for analysis, richer insights and understanding of the tasks and activities conducted in the project. 

Whether in a small business or enterprise project, project managers often deal with complicated requirements and deadlines. Investing in reliable diary management software is a great advantage that can help simplify workload management especially when project managers are onsite. 

  • One of the industries that heavily rely on diary management software is construction and building. Diary management software helps project managers who visit client sites to facilitate real-time reporting and updates that can be referred to as an interactive diary.

    Wojo delivers a powerful multi-tool platform that has an interactive diary. Its collaborative functionalities allow multiple users who are assigned or authorised to view project tasks and access reports. The integration of other business management tools allows other files to be incorporated into the interactive diary such as photos, videos, documents and other file formats. 

Here are other advantages of employing diary management software: 

  • Monitors daily work status, progress and cancellations
  • Provides task notifications to keep team members constantly updated on changes in the project
  • Provides forecast on estimation and allocation of resources, schedule and workers
  • Compliance and safety policies are also integrated to set workplace standards

Secures data and has the option to customise who can access specific projects and reports

Here are best practices for how your team can successfully maximise using an interactive diary for successful project outcomes:


  • Schedule everything and strictly follow them 
  • Assign colour codes for different tasks to identify categories and levels of importance 
  • Allow for buffer time for preparation, travel, breaks, emergencies and unexpected scenarios
  • Email schedule reminders or set notifications for appointments and deadlines