The benefits of a gantt chart in project management

Benefits of a Gantt Chart In Project Management - Wojo

Professional project managers depend on reliable tools that can help them effectively organise and manage their projects and tasks with success. Today’s project management tools are mostly software or application programs that have powerful automation capabilities to organise schedules, delegate tasks, enable collaborations,  store and edit reports, and evaluate data. They are designed according to the specific goals of the business. 

There is collaborative all-in-one business management software like Wojo with integrated features that perform all essential tasks such as document management, payroll, timesheet, etc., or individual project management software that has minimal features for personal use. But, one adequate and functional visual tool is present in all types of project management software – the Gantt Chart.

What Is A  Gantt Chart?

A Gantt chart is a horizontal bar chart that provides a visual representation of a project plan. It is used to show:

  • Scheduling information
  • Project phases
  • Progress
  • Relationships and dependencies between different activities

A visual work flow chart was first developed by Karol Adamiecki, a Polish engineer in 1896, which was known back then as a “harmonogram”. Later, engineer and management consultant Henry Gantt further developed the system around 1910 as a visualisation tool to measure employee productivity and level of performance. He used graphics and other visual pointers that have become the foundation of today’s Gantt chart for project management.

The Gantt chart has the following basic parts:

  • Timeline – shows the key dates or the months, weeks, days and years displayed horizontally across the top of the chart.

  • Task list – shows the project description and details that can be organised into groups and subgroups. It is listed vertically on the left of the chart.

  • Bars – are horizontal markers that show the project’s progress.

  • Milestones – shows the project’s completion of major deliverables.

Benefits of Gantt chart in project management

The Gantt chart’s success in today’s digital workflow can be attributed to its original purpose and design. It’s highly visual and simple to use as a tracking and monitoring tool for project management. Its many benefits include:

  • It provides data visualisation.

    True to its purpose, the Gantt chart provides accurate data visualisation that can help teams analyse the progress and milestones of their projects easily. It also promotes transparency and showcases each team member’s workload and milestones. Managers are able to deliver accurate reports on the project timelines and have a quick view of how far ahead or behind are the teams in their deadlines.

  • It enables efficiency in managing projects.

    A visual flow chart offers a clear timeline that helps teams deadlines and deliverables efficiently. Managers can adjust the timeline according to the best possible outcome and help employees improve their progress.

  • It enhances collaboration and productivity.

    A Gantt chart encourages teams to improve their workflow through collaboration and interaction. It also promotes accountability when projects succeed or fail. Moreover,  communication is improved because teams have a better picture of their progress and milestones.

  • It provides effective resource allocation.

    Project managers are able to see a better picture of where to allocate tasks and workloads to the right individual or teams. They are able to adjust which tasks should be prioritised and where to assign them. This provides a better perspective of the workload and makes timely corrective action to resolve any gaps. 

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