How to Select the Right Document Management Software?

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Massive amounts of information and documents are produced every day by many businesses. Manually creating, organising, and filing paper documents are still practised in many workflows and systems. However, this manual approach to document management is prone to human errors and physical damage, which could potentially create bottlenecks and inefficiency in the company’s entire operations.

If your business hasn’t entirely switched to a digital workflow, investing in powerful document management software can help organise all your paper-based documents and capture them into digital files and more. In short, it automates manual processes and workflows.

What is document management software? How does it work? What are the advantages of using this digital document management tool? And lastly, what features do you need to consider when choosing a digital management software for your business?

What is document management software? 

Firstly, let’s define what document management means. Document management is the process of storing, managing, and tracking digital documents such as PDFs, images, videos, audio, and word processing files. Therefore, document management software is an electronic filing system that helps in organising, storing, and securing the entire digital files of a company for access and retrieval.

Document management software ranges from serving small and mid-size businesses to large-scale global enterprises. As an essential digital management tool, it has enabled industries to become more productive and efficient and to embrace digital transformation.

Wojo is a digital business management system that has all the important tools that companies need to successfully manage their workflow. Wojo’s all-in-one platform includes a robust document management feature that’s easy to navigate and helps turn documents into actionable tasks.

Benefits of using document management software

Document management software is more than just a document editing and storage tool. Here’s how it takes out all the pain points in your workflow and helps lead your business to success: 

  • Scaling

    It can scale up and down to suit your company’s size and requirements especially when your business starts to grow. 

  • Efficiency

    Some basic tasks can be automated while your employees can have more time to focus on completing critical projects.

  • Collaboration

    Multiple people can access the documents and work on the same file at once. It can retain the document’s older versions or history of changes. In addition, you can allow your clients and partners to access the project on this platform.

  • Security

    Most document management software has a cybersecurity feature. All the documents are stored in a secure and encrypted central platform.

  • Reduce carbon footprint

    Aside from going paperless, you’re reducing energy consumption because you no longer need to use the printer.

What to look for in document management software?

Organising digital documents and allowing multiple users to view and make changes on the file in real time are some of the key features of document management software. Here are other essential features that you don’t know you need until you start using the platform:

  • Advanced keyword search

    Document management software with a metadata function helps users easily find the right document through its search capability feature using keywords that create an ID or tag in the central platform.

  • Mobile device access

    Teams should be able to access the platform anywhere and any time of the day through mobile devices. Aside from viewing, they can also edit and share the document.

  • Permission controls

    Managers can provide access to specific documents to any user through a permission control feature to maintain data integrity.

  • Edit history and restoration options

    A version control feature is very useful when it comes to compliance and auditing. It recalls old versions of the document, the time it was edited and which user made the changes. All vital information is not lost especially when a file is moved or deleted accidentally.

  • Universal format support.

    Most businesses nowadays not only use spreadsheets and word documents. It should be able to support videos, images and other file formats for storage.

Wojo empowers businesses with an innovative and all-in-one management system to help transform business operations. With our simple yet powerful and user-friendly ecosystem, Wojo will help increase your business’s productivity and profit with solutions that save time and costs. 

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