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Residential building projects in Australia will remain resilient in the next few years with a forecasted annual 3.4% growth from 2022-2025. Global contractors and home builders need to stay competitive and on top of the game to be able to deliver exceptional customer service. Using construction management software can help home builders and project managers to plan, organise and execute their construction projects efficiently.

Did you know that construction management software has been around for years but is still considered to be relatively an untapped market? Construction management software is a project management tool to help with scheduling and monitoring workers’ daily tasks, document management, client billings and other administrative functions. 

Key trends in construction management software

Let’s look at the current trends in construction management software to get a glimpse of how it’s shaping the workflow systems and processes of the construction industry:

  • The construction management software market is estimated to reach USD $6520.8 million by 2028.

  • The application is commonly used by contractors, business owners, managers, architects, engineers and builders.

  • Cloud-based construction software and mobile apps are the biggest technology solutions transforming construction project management.

  • Customer satisfaction, business value, on-time delivery, quality and productivity are the top five project management metrics companies consider to measure success.

Why should home builders use construction management software? 

Construction management projects, whether residential or non-residential, are expectedly complex. With multiple stakeholders to manage, scheduling, supply chain, compliance, etc., home builders and project managers need a technological solution to improve and organise their internal processes.

Here are five valid reasons why construction management software is important: 

  1. No more paper-based reporting

    While paper-based documents still exist, digital document management provides efficiency in the overall workflow – from standardized document templates for reporting to data storage. Moreover, it minimises human error.

  2. Essential project management tools are integrated

    With all the project management solutions integrated into a single platform, redundancy is reduced and collaboration is maximised. From scheduling, timesheets and invoicing to safety and compliance, it’s more convenient for project managers to monitor the entire project life cycle.

  3. It’s cloud-based

    A cloud-based system provides a great advantage through proper resource utilization. It prevents management problems and budget overflows because data can be updated anytime and anywhere, especially with mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

  4. It improves planning and preparations

    Planning and preparation are critical in a construction project. Data-driven decision-making helps teams to be organised. Once all the data is provided on the platform, the system matches the information to make a better schedule, requirements and expectations for each employee. In addition, subcontractors and clients are in the loop to keep updated on the progress.

  5. It enhances the value proposition and customer experience

    With everything precisely organised, clients are happy to feel part of your team’s process and be updated on the project’s progress. Providing a good customer experience ensures that your clients will be happy to share about your company through word-of-mouth marketing.

How to choose the right construction management software? 

It’s important to acknowledge that there are also risks and issues that can be encountered when using construction management software. One of the challenges project managers can face is user adoption. Aside from taking cues on why home builders need construction management software, also consider looking for a system that has simplified scheduling, is customisable and has pricing that suits your needs.

Wojo has a user-friendly interface with all the important project management tools for organising construction management projects. Both millennials and older generations can easily navigate our platform with ease without spending too much time on training. 

Wojo empowers businesses with an innovative and all-in-one management system to help transform business operations. With our simple yet powerful and user-friendly ecosystem, Wojo will help increase your business’s productivity and profit with solutions that save time and costs. 

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